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 Posted: Thu Oct 23rd, 2014 11:23 am
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Hi guys.

Alot of guys contacts me and ask me for advice on rigs, methods and baits. Now I don't mind sharing but I always emphasise that the way I do things is NOT the alpha and omega of Catfishing. As I always say, I'm not a pro but I'm definitely a student of the game.

Now my problem is I give these guys the info and tips I've got but not anything else that is out there.

So my plan with this post is to get as many inputs from as many people as possible regarding rigs, baits and the different methods they use. I will then compile a EXELL or Pdf file with all this info and I might even make some footage of this. I will also make a post here on Sealine.

This info will then be freely available to anybody interested in it. The beauty of it is that the person can then decide what rigs, methods and baits he has confidence in and use that.

I'm aiming to have all this info by December so I have plenty of time to compile all the info in a nice format.

What's your guys opinions on this?

Discussions on the following baits started here. (just click on the link next to it.

-Day old chickens.

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