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 Posted: Sun Oct 26th, 2014 10:21 pm
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Let's start off with day old chickens. The different methods I know off is where some guys defeather the chicks. I prefer to keep it as natural as possible. Some guys including myself puncher the stomach and other guys don't. In rivers we sometimes ad feather duster feathers to make the bait float. We cast it up river and let it float down river close by structures.

Some guys rig the hook through the spine, others rig the hook through the poepernol and either out the back or out the stomach. Other guys rig the hook in the there down the throat and out the back or out the stomach. There is guys that make use of the hair rig and other guys make use of cable ties to secure the bait.

And then there is of course the chicken bomb which I will demonstrate later on.

Is there any other methods I'm missing here? Do someone maybe have pics of the above mentioned methods?

Any other insets?

Ps: where can I get day old chickens to demonstrate these methods in the Pretoria area?

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