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 Posted: Tue May 26th, 2015 08:18 pm
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I still share the same sentiments about the braid for cracker, I think I have mentioned before, I got hit so hard on one occasion I really thought something was going to give on the rod at the time, I dont have much faith in a HMG rod/Braid/Big cracker on the end, just get the angle wrong and SNAP!! 15-25kg cracker are what im talking about, not the smaller stuff.

Alot of guys have replied that they use braid on their multipliers, but to some degree, we cannot assume that rock/surf fishing for cracker/galjoen/steenbras/cob etc is the same as spinning from a boat or rocks for game fish. There are 2 different techniques with different styles.

The reason I say it is a game changer for me, is the fact I can put more line on my reel and secondly, when it comes to spinning, you get alot of burn offs when casting, just due to wind and sea and friction(line gets very dry) etc. Braid will take care of this one time and of course a Low rider guide to KT set up...;).  For yellowtail it is perfect, can get a much more solid hook up. Now, the other thing is, spinning, you are casting all day non-stop, having a MAG-IT reel fitted with braid is really ticking all the boxes, but, I would not have considered this , if my reel was not magged. So thank you CC, I now have to learn to cast again!!

The only downside Im looking at is, the difference again in surf/rock fishing is this, you get a slow pick up sometimes a grab, when you hook a yellowtail from rooikraantz, you go from nothing to immediate force, and for the guys that have not experienced this, it is a very powerful fish, so now, if Im fishing the braid, and this happens, is the braid going to cut in, you cannot keep enough tension on the line when retrieving a plug or spinner so you will always have a bit of slack line lay, so thoughts to combat this?