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 Posted: Wed May 27th, 2015 01:19 am
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Craig, agreed, all those points you mentioned is re-instating what I said, all positives for the magged multiplier with braid.

For the unconverted multiplier guys, like me, its good news for the ones that don't have magged reels with braid.  A very important note, is that by fitting  the mag kit , why would we have to spend thousands on converting to a grinder whereas now, we have all the benefits of the grinder, maybe less gear ratio, in fact the multipliers are going to get more distance now i think.

Yes, there are alot of guys fishing light grinders for the tail in St.Francis, but you will be amazed at how much braid is covering the rocks, because they fishing light braid set ups, a lighter stick in this case I don't believe gives you as much control on a fish as a heavier built one. The Exage spinning version is a good example of a heavy duty spinning stick that you still have control of over the fish, Ive seen the guys hook up with tail on the lighter grinders and just cannot control it, and by the time they do, its wrapped itself 3 times around the reef.

You definately answered my question though, which was very important to me, is that wont need to worry too much about braid digging in, thats basically sold me completely to change over to braid on my multipliers, except for surf fishing though.