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 Posted: Wed Jun 6th, 2018 01:13 pm
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Mike Smith wrote:
Odysseus2016 wrote:
Hi Mike

Nice Kob! "Die pyp" being Strand?

I recently moved from Hermanus to Blouberg area for at least a couple of months and decided to explore the West coast a bit. So far have thrown a line near Melkbos (Bontkop area) and once at Ganzekraal in front of the Lapa.
I have done a fair amount of Sealine research on the West coast and am keen to try Spreeuwalle, the actual Kabeljou bank at GKraal, maybe even Soverby or further North at some stage. And then of course closer to home, Holbaai, Bontkop etc - love the look of that specific stretch of beach. Seems that some of the guys who were once very active in this region have long since disappeared off this forum - Subaruseun, Wayne and others. I'm very curious to know what lurks in these waters

The spot was the Pyp next to Beespens and Blue waters.There was a thread started by ZeeQ some time ago regarding Gaanzekraal and it had quite a bit of information with input from lots of members but my search on the link came up blank.

Maybe if we ask the mods nicely they can restore it for us.

Please mods is it possible to restore this thread?