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 Posted: Thu Dec 6th, 2018 08:54 am
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When in doubt, set the hook. That does not need to be violent but just take up the slack or lift your tip quickly but gently If it was structure you will lift it over the structure, if it was a bass the hook tip will prick him and you will know all about it! Then set that hook! Problem is bass fishing gives you a trigger response to set the hook on anything and when you spin for saltwater fish you have to teach yourself to unlearn that, as you just drag the lure out the fishes mouth..Bass inhale a bait, even when they are gentle you get the feel for it. Deep fishing, watch your line as Jonathan can watch the loops when your bait is sinking and the loops of line straighten away from you for just a second, that is a fish, structure will never pull your lure away from you on a sink. Set that hook. You will loose a few lure and get snagged a few but that is bass fishing..

Try fishing a bass coloured fluke now that bass have spawned all over and babies are full up, texas rig it, or small jighead or weightless. I like the small jigheads where if I am stuck I can I can straighten the hook and get all back. On a big fish you must be careful. Throw that fluke right into the sticks and cover and cr@p, reeds and weed beds..the bass are right in the cover..

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