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 Posted: Sun Jan 6th, 2019 07:38 pm
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St lucia is my back yard.....

so, no charters are operating from Cape Vidal!!!

Johan from Maverick will at times travel to Vidal and launch from there.

thus you only have 2x spots as such

St Lucia has several charters.
all know the area quite well and they have been operating there for ever.

they are,
Asterix, oom Maans
Maverick, Jahan Combrink
wave dancer, Barend
advantage, Danie bennit

there are new guys too, but I do not know them.

Barend is a real business man, quick in and out!!!
get some tuna and back at the office.
the less time spend, the less fuel used, more money in da pocket.

do not see this as bad, he is a good skipper and knows where to fish. he does put people on the fish.
it could be that he is more conservative with fish stock levels and thus the quick in and out.

Johan, they like doing drop shot, at times they tend to beech when it is nearly dark.
so long hours on the water

Asterix, wel oom Maans is great.
he knows the area very well.

advantage, well they are whale watchers during winter months.
during summer months they tend to fish for marlin etc.
so it is basically a add on to their main attraction of whale watching

if your group is ok with being out to see, then a long days fishing might be on your hands.

I do not promote any of the charters specifically.

c breeze comes to mind.
see varkie mr and mrs

I do not know them only heard of them

nou ja, genoeg getik.
doen maar nog huiswerk.

sterkte en laat weet hoe dit gegaan het!!!