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 Posted: Tue Apr 7th, 2020 06:51 am
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Dr halibut hoffman wrote:
Mussel worm..species, who knows? Yes, very good bait for pan fish. Don't clean out your worm stocks, don't damage and kill off musselbeds to get to them and don't clean out your resident reeffish stocks that will take the bait.

There are many properties in SA that border the coast or a relatively private piece of water..lucky for those guys! I used to stay on marina da gama and do IT work from home, sitting at a desk in my lounge keeping an eye on the livebait out off the porch! Lockdown must be great for those staying on the water!

As I understand it musselworms are illegal to use as bait?

The brochure states:
"Any seaworm, including polychaete, wonder
shingle, moonshine, coral, pot, pudding, rock,
tape & flatworms but excluding bloodworms,
mussel worms and Cape reef-worms".

There is a seperate heading for Bloodworm, but none for mussel and reef worms.