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 Posted: Tue Apr 7th, 2020 09:59 am
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WRT Lockdown..ja beaches are public land..not sure of but extending for some distance above the spring high mark, waters enclosed by a private land are private, but in countries more respectful of their constitution and freedom of movement contained therein, they made lockdown laws that allow one to walk outside, go to beaches, fish long that physical distancing is observed and no gatherings take place, except within households, as it is respectful of the public, their health and sanity..and rights..
It can be argued sure that ones right to movement can be restricted to allow for free movement later on, or the prevention of rapid spread of a pandemic, but infact it is a difficult argument to attempt to win to say that someone isolated on a beach with the naturally sterilising sea and salt air all around, and our south african UV levels, is putting anyone elses health and thereby freedom at risk. IF one defended ones actions according to the highest law, it would be difficult to argue that one is risking anyone else bring alone on a beach. It is less risky than what government asks of us WRT taxis and welfare payouts, and grocery shopping and less risky than what most are doing which is sitting in an enclosed room with someone else. So logically it and any argument in that regard can be countered in defense, the clear thing is individual rights are not being respected in this debacle. At the moment deaths due to police brutality have been steadily rising and keeping up with covid 19 deaths AND if one includes the elderly dying in chaotic and unorganized welfare payout queues
on friday, then the number of dead due to state action or lack of, is higher than covid 19 at the moment, if you factor malnourishment and joblosses due to lockdown, the death rate could outshadow the virus if we are not careful.

There are many ways to skin this cat and one needs not be extreme either and can mix and match to suit ones situation for the best outcome, like in life. If i were president we would already have studies running with healthy volunteers to get infected to map out every possible combination of anti viral drug that is safe and see what is effective, we already have the worlds largest antiretroviral program with a fair percentage of adults on daily ARVS that do show promise in treating this virus and they will probably fair better than most of us so long that gov' can keep them on their pills.
Most of us will in the next year get infected, most likely, and in places doing extensive testing and picking up non symptomatic cases where most infections (81% in wuhan study) don't even know they are infected and their immune system beats off the virus without a fever even or their awareness. The danger yes is that they are infectious during this time. The adjusted death rate in these studies picking up all infected across a bigger sample of population rather than just the sick, puts death rate at between 1 and 6 in thousand infections to put it perspective. and 60-70% of us are going to get infected, soif I were prez, there would be thousands of volunteers wanting to do their bit and take their chance with a cocktail of drugs, and in a week we would know which drugs work, and which dont, work out a protocol that will prevent most infections and still be safe, forego all normal medical testing restrictions and use known and registered drugs so things can be short cutted reasonalbe safely, and once sureof a protocol then give everyone an anti-lockdown, month paid holiday to mix and mingle and fish and no booze allowed but spread the virus,all the while everyone in the country was on the correct dose and combo of effective and safe AV medicines for the next two or three months, and let us all try get infected ASAP and get herd immunity with as little suffering as possible and get back on with life. But each has their own opinion..

In fact if everyone kept to themselves somewhere outdoors as much as possible and followed the same physical distancing at home and work we would need no lockdown in the first place..But the masses are not educated and live in crowded slums which are the result of spacial land planning/city planning from students of and policies of the OG right wing and racist Dr Eugen Fischer that were actually experiments in social control of the "lessor races", so that food and work force and health , wealth of the masses could be controlled, and through virus and disease and the cramped living conditions, populations could be controlled..Hitler and verwoerd were students of his. Disgusting as it is it is true, cities all around the world in former dutch/flemish/german controlled colonies were planned according to these principles, from asia, africa to south america...and now a new virus has arrived and we are in trouble..but ja because it is hard now to control the masses and the s#it may about to be hitting the fan, they needed the lockdown. The educated have to be lumped with the masses or everyone would be on the beach having one big party, like in miami LOL! And Covid 19 would also have one big ja beaches off limits, bottlestores closed, tuff titty.

But ja if someone has access to fish in private waters or secluded public waters from their land, porch or doorstep, lucky for you! Isolate away, thanks for helping to keep us all safe! The juristiction of lockdown extends to your erf so ja dont break any laws on my account!

To everyone else without private fish, remember jealousy makes you nasty!