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 Posted: Wed Jul 1st, 2020 03:38 pm
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Good day to all SL members.

We have recently had a few enquiries wrt new membership, registrations, registration failures etc.

Now the topic may seem a little as "not to important", though for the sake of SL to stay an active angling forum, to slowly gain momentum & continue to be an absolute library of valuable information, we have to mention & address it again.
It is to the benefit of the bigger angling fraternity & not 1 individual only.

Pottie or as most of us know him
"Willem Wikkel Spies", has posted a thread last year (2019) under the "News > Announcements" that all new membership applications be mailed to him, & to conduct a verification check prior registration on the Forum.

This is the old link,

The automated registration was then suspended .
Both these descicions were taken for various reasons, but mainly to avoid spammers, fake members, unreliable or banned IPs/domains etc.

I've recently discussed the identified impediments with both WWS & EMPEROR (Site owner) & in order to attempt to continue to aleviate old & current problems experienced by some prospective members & re the registration issues.
These changes will not necessarily be 100% effective, nor fool proof, but please bare with us.

The following 2 procedures will still be available for prospective members to use in order to register, & are as ff nl.

1. The automated system when the new member
visits the Sealine site, nl. to register him/herself,
or ,
2. New members to complete an application
form & mail it to
sealinereg@gmail for verification &

You will receive a mail confirming your registration & can continue on Sealine.

Should new members experience any difficulties with the automated registration process, kindly send an Email to the above Mailing address, stating your complete & full details, contact number/s & exact problem experienced.
It will be attended to & Emperor will revert back to you.

For access to the application form, kindly send me a Msg on Whatzapp on
Zero 8 Three 2 Eight 4 Five 6 Six 9
till I have figured out a way to post the Application form (Word Format) or someone can advice me how please.

Then further take note that a few Moderators have been appointed to monitor the activities on SEALINE.
This is merely done to have a few more "eyes" 👀on site to assist one another to follow rules as constituted by the original founder members.

Members are most welcome to ask questions to any of the appointed Mods, (Send him a PM) & should any 1 of us not be able to assist, it will be taken up for attention to resolve the matter.

The current Mods are, (I will use Sealine names)
Willem Wikkel Spies
Dr Halibut Hoffman
Ben &

I have not made the other Mods Cellular numbers available out of respect for privacy, but they may do so out of free will, should they wish to do so.
A last request to current members, pse advice & assist prospective members who want to join & of the procedures, in order to allow "smooth sailing" of the registration process.
Hope it solves some "hickups" we had & hope to see some newbies on the forum.

I will eventually move the post to the ANNOUNCEMENT section after a period of time, as many viewers/members do not always make use of the Recent section to see/read updates.

Thks & Tight Lines.