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 Posted: Wed Feb 24th, 2021 05:24 am
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I went from multiplier to grinder 2 years ago. Prior to that I fished Torium 30's and Daiwa 50H BG's. I still fish the BG's purely due to casting distance in the surf.
I then purchased a Spheros 10 000 for surf applications about 6 months ago. The Spheros has all the attributes the Gosa has i.e. all same internals, look is different i.e. black and silver. For purely surf applications the 10 000 is slightly too big, although you can fit an 8000 spool on it. I fish with 30 pound braid and the reel is beast regarding gearing and casting. Again slightly too large for only surf fishing. If I had the opportunity I will buy a 6000 Gosa or Spheros for my application. Regarding your application, if your intention is to fish for yellowtail mostly, then maybe too small, but for general rock and surf fishing is would be perfect. I have fished with my Spheros 6 times now and I am very happy with the casting ability and power.