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 Posted: Wed May 19th, 2021 07:12 am
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Hi, yes, the reef starts about 8km from the launch site out to see. It then runs basically in line with the coastline for the next 30+ km.

It is in 25-30m of water and comes up to 8-10m.

The reef is not one solid ridge but comes and goes with several pinnicals that are slightly shallower.

It meets up with larger reef structures about 35km NW known as Zambia reef of the Pumene point.

But you don't need to go that far, most Cuta etc will be found off the reef around some smaller pinnicals along the southern point.

Deeper out there are 3 points in about 80m water that come up to 20-30m. Here you will find the large crock Cuta's, Kings, Amber Jacks..... but also plenty shark.

Pic below was a good days spearfishing by some friends....

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