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 Posted: Sat Oct 9th, 2021 11:17 am
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Also sitting all day for a cracker bite gets boring too...So use a bait that will get you other species too but adapt to the spot and fish, ie..if chokka or occy is picking up every shyshark in the area, shame, don't fish chokka...

My best cracker was in the middle at night on a low tide beach on chokka prawn combo, waiting for a steenie, but most crackers I have caught on big blobs of red bait fishing for gallies..alikruk I've waited all day for a bite too many times, though they love the stuff, siffie I leave the siffies and eat the alikruks. Fishing at my feet for gallies I get maybe 1 cracker for every 5 gallies on big red bait blobs. When you see footage of them underwater, or watch the babies in the rock pools, they are very smart and will wait for other fish to eat first and see that the coast is clear and them go in for the chow.. So don't strike till the cracker takes you down, have enough layers in the bait to keep the peckers happy but also entice mr cracker is my tactic. I must stress that large parts of the coast the cracker population is under severe pressure if not collaped at the extreme parts of the range, and they are resident and slow to grow and reproduce so please take care of the stock. I keep very few as nice as they eat..I am very selective about the size I keep of them.

"Cray tail cut in half length wise with a 3/0 mustard hoodlum and you will be able catch a lot of interesting fish, and a cracker if he is around." Yup, everything eats kreef ! LOL

If there are too many peckers, use a crab..if lots of shellfish and peckers, use a tough shellfish and a few layers of chum over to get a feed on..Put back any undersize or breeding stock please. Stick to limits.