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 Posted: Thu Jul 30th, 2009 05:58 am
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misguide wrote: aquadementia wrote: If they banned sliding it would be the same as banning the use of a Trinidad 30dc - purely cos you cant overwind with it (exactly that doesnt make sense!) If there's something that gives the angler an advantage in certain situations then use it. Im assuming the SASAA big wigs feel the same. Im not a club angler so it doesnt affect me therefore my opinion doesnt count for much but anyway there you have it :)


Always nice to hear comments from non club anglers - everyone opinion counts and should be heard.

The problem is that a line has to be drawn somewhere - there are loads of rules that need scrutiny. Should a bait boat be allowed because we keeping up with technology?

The problem which most Unions find by allowing slides is that sliding "levels" the playing field in that a novice can throw a sinker - clip a chunk of bait - slide and hook into big fish. Yes skill is required to land that big fish from the rocks but off beaches there is little skill required. Some of these guys who now get results because of sliding only are placed higher in the rankings and then make the Provincial teams.

The next problem is that it is not always possible to fish for big fish and "scratching" is needed - can the slide angler read the water and can he scratch?

The next problem you have is in the selection and the use of the correct trace for the target species - how many variations of a slide trace can you get - not very many!

The next problem you have is certain areas call for "big" (and I am talking about massive baits) throw baits - the guys who achieved the results on slides are sometimes unable to make a big bait which is aerodynamic to cast never mind cast it 80-100m.

I would say that the slide definitely allows opportunity to catch bigger fish and I hear both sides of the story. In my opinion the only way for each Union to eliminate these type of problems is to either limit sliding to certain tournaments (areas where it is necessary) or to have the results recorded if fish was caught on a slide or a throw bait - for the selectors to see if angler only uses slides or if he does and can throw baits.

I do believe that sliding has done a lot for angling by giving novice anglers an opportunity to catch massive fish - where it would not have been possible if he was unable to throw a big bait. I do also believe that sliding has taken away the skill of making aerodynamic baits, various traces and thier uses for those novice anglers.
I personally enjoy sliding but I also enjoy making and throwing big baits - certain conditions call for certain ways / styles and being able to apply the use of both is what is important.

If I were purely a social angler I would most likely slide 90% of the time - easy and gives an opportunity to hook into the bigger fish.


Spot on i agree with you 100%