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 Posted: Tue Oct 6th, 2009 10:06 pm
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05th October 2009

After spending a day yellowtail fishing, i hadn't realised that the weather had changed and that sunday was a very good weather day for the deep. By the time that i heard that the weather was going to be good, it was too late for me to organise bait, ice and fuel up. Needless to say, the fishing was very good. This prompted us to get ourselves sorted and run on monday. The weather man predicted 15knt of northwest, which we all know, WILL blow over 20knots, but the lure of battling some big YF kept calling us.....

Left the harbour at 5:00am, with young Matt skippering "Dr.Fish", taking us out to the deep. Who need an auto-pilot when Matt is onboard!!::S::S

On the fishing grounds, the wind was spewing at 15knts+. Not good for baiting, but we simply HAD to try anyways!! 

The results:

Hammertime enjoying life!!


Three of us VAS!! Matt up in th bow, me on a short stick in the middle, and Ryan in the stern. This is FISHIN'!! This is what makes us feel ALIVE!!::S::S


Father and son fighting some BRUTE yellowfins!!


Ryan on yet ANOTHER yellowfin......


Matt on yet ANOTHER yellowfin too!!


The culprits:


Young Matt giving a BIG blue shark some grief on a short stick. The 8'+ blue shark was released to go and bother some other anglers.....:SSS


A spectacular sunset after a fabulous day at sea, with awesome company!!



The fish were VERY big, with our largest YF wieghing in at 85kg's, the largest longfin 28.5kg's with the fishbox full on longfin averaging 18kg's a peice. Not a bad start to the season.

A special congratulations to young MATT, who boated a 77kg YF. Not many anglers can claim to have caught a fish weighing more than themselves!! Well done!!

A HUGE thank you to the Hammertime clan, for making the day a truely memorable one!!