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 Posted: Wed Oct 7th, 2009 07:45 am
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tkei wrote: BTW HT, hows the baot coming? any progress pics??
I am happy to leave the guys to get on with it. I am told she will be ready for wiring etc on the 20th. So all being said hopefully month end.

HOWEVER - I am more than happy to crew for Dr Fish.

I know Miles is running around today so I'll answer the rod question.
I was on Mile's personalised Calstar. A brute of a rod.

The other rod (Matt) is his one. It's a Tuna Stopper 50-100Lb rod and a tad soft for my liking but still a very powerful stick.

As to rods right now because the old Diawa STP 24-37kg stick, the yellow eye binding ones are no more, the best bet is the Penn 37-50kg. Excellent value for money and strong as an ox. The new Diawa STP's the grey/black ones are/have high graphite content. Fine for recreational but for commercial punishment they do snap.
This of coarse is MY OPINION and mine alone.