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 Posted: Sat Oct 10th, 2009 07:47 pm
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09 October 2009

With just the 4 of us, Ryan, Matt, myself and Balli, we left Simons Town at 5:00am. This meant getting up at 3am, packing the car, picking up 'balli' and then getting the boat ready. Ran up to the Point in the dark, in a very flat sea. At the Point, the water was a bit lumpy, but settled, as usual, a few miles offshore, where the water is considerabily deeper.

The day started off VERY slow for us, with only 4 boats in the canyon area. By 9am, we still had nothing to show for our efforts. Reports of VERY good fishing in the deep west had filtered through to us, but nothing concrete......

We stayed in the area and received a few yellowfins for our efforts. How-ever, by 12am, we heard positive reports of VERY good fish in the west, a 18nm run from the area where we were. Needless to say, we upped lines and RAN!!

Unfortunately, we got there late and missed the morning action. So, we had to settle for the left-overs.........

Father and son double up on yellowfins!! Hammertime and Matt:

Hammertime settled into a nice YF:

My buddy Tommy with an Australian spearo, who took his first and largest tuna. He traveled half way across the globe to achieve his dream of spearing a yellowfin, right here in our own backyard. We are TRULY blessed to have such a phenominal fishery!!

Young Matt 'vas' yet again on another hefty yellowfin

Double hook-up again, with Ryan up front on the short stick and Matt strapped into his black magic.

Ryan's fish in the boat, whilst Matt is still on.....

Ryan having some more fun, pulling the daylights out of a large yellowfin .....

A mere few days earlier, Matt had landed his personal best of 77kg's. Well, he's done it again!! ANOTHER 77kg fish (WEIGHED!!)::S::S::S

Ryan 'vas' yet again!!

The large YF making its death circles.....


Almost there....

IDB!! (In-Da-Boat!!)

Hammertime, having some fun on a TLD25, spinning for longfin:

The buggers:

Just another big yellowfin gracing the decks.....

Now comes the fun part, the trip home. We had ended up 37nm from Cape Point. This is not a big deal, as we normally fish 20-30nm from Cape Point. HOW-EVER, the South Easterly had begun to blow in excess of 30knots, making for a very slow ride back home. The trip to the Harbour took almost 5 hours in the dark. Not for the in-experienced or faint hearted!!!

Final tally was not that great, as we only got onto the fish late during the day. We ended up with 10 yellowfin, big fish, some in the 75-80kg class and 20 longfin, all in the 12-23kg class.

Once again a HUGE thank you to the Hammertime clan, for yet another great day on the water with great company!!

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