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 Posted: Sun Oct 11th, 2009 07:04 am
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Ja, wow - what can I say, while others work we play. Fishing on a commercial boat is work but work of a different kind but I def missed my calling in life.

Miles and the good Mrs Miles, from both Matt and myself a huge thank you for having us "take over" your boat with our recreational baggage and red lines...

Then I have to add the fact that you hand over the wheel of your awesome fishing machine to someone who you've known for only around 18 month speaks volumes of you as a person.
You're an awesome friend and a legend to share a working rail with bro.

I had the luxury of the 38 mile or so trip home. Maybe a bit more as that measurement in the pic was a straight line which we could NOT run home as it meant crossing the SW reefs in the dark at 20H00 in 30 knots of SE with a 2.5m swell. Something I did not want to put the boat or crew through, no matter how much I miss surf launching and I am sure had I have cut it close, that would have been my last trip on this incredible boat.

So I had to run up from groendam to the bellows, a trip that saw me getting a max speed of 7 knots. I had that wheel for 5 hours and here is the part I have to type up.

As Miles said this was not for the feint hearted or inexperienced. Now it takes a hell of a bad sea for me to even think about the conditions with concern. This was STILL NOT one of those seas but as junior put it, you would not have been so happy on anything small.

I want to mention the hull and how it handles the beam sea so well. At 15 knots it was smooth and no bang or clang (ok bar one or two potholes I found). But that boat just eases it's way with or into the swell and all the while... the crew are sleeping. THAT SAYS IT ALL. Then there's the two 225 Honda's she swings on the stern. These motors purr. No missus, splutters or issues. They just push her alonh. I have been on Dr Fish when we've been catapulted out the hole and sped off at 30+ knots. INSANE!!!

Then there is the equipment.
In the black of night, when you are at the helm it the crew are awake or asleep it is really just you, the boat and the sea. You slow down, run by feel and gut.
But having the instrumentation that Miles has on board means you could run our coastline top to bottom if you so wished.

Well enough from me. Miles thanks again for some great fishing, excellent company and the chance to skipper a boat I can only dream of owning.

When you've got a site, I'm more than happy to try fill the box.