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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 03:13 pm
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Appreciate the feedback. The shop has asked me to return the reel as I am not the first one to have problems with it. I paid over R2000 for that saragosa so it is meant to be high quality.

By the way Alan I have met you before. I am Steve, a friend of Alan Smart and have fished with him a few times on his Z-Craft, "Last Fling". We saw you out one afternoon off Buffels and he came over to say high. He has told me what a legend yellow tail fisherman you are, so appreciate the feedback from a pro!

By the way for your interest as I did not see you out on the water today, I was off the point today, water was 16-17deg, colour was not great. There were fish but they were not on the surface. Guys were getting them on bait. I know Rebel Rouser got 30 and I saw Tommy on Eureka pulling up quite a few just around the point close in before dias beach. Apparently yesterday they guys did very well at Rooikranz with at least 35 fish coming out.

Got my eye on Monday with the SW set to blow for the day. Cheers