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 Posted: Tue Mar 27th, 2007 09:03 pm
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Hey's my personal experience with monofilament line...when i first started fishing i put on kingfisher giant abrasion because off cost an off my massive!! after graduating onto better reels i continued an found that if the giant abrasion got a little stretched then the knot ability dropped badly..there after moved onto okuma platinum..proved extremely strong but i felt it didn't peel off the spool that well..then got sponsored a spool off daiwa tournment in 0.47 diam..lets jus say its prob the most extraordinary line i have ever experienced..for pure strength vs diameter it still is unbeatable..its abrasion resistance is excellent an casting is topdrawer! Sadly my one reel got sold with the line an the other i removed because i decided to go smaller diameter for edibles...but i still took the old line back an got it kept jus incase! Surprising thing is i inspected it for grazing an there is non after 10 months off use! Now i am trying siglon in 0.40 diameter an only got a few test casts with...seems to be good quality though..but time will tell!!! Thats basically all i can share with the members..anyone else got some experiences?