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 Posted: Mon Jun 7th, 2010 07:09 am
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craig myburg

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Marthin wrote: Lupo ek dink jy is met die helm gebore.... i have a PM and there is a post a week ago where you claimed the torium is yours. It's locked up in the office safe, as well as the money received during the raffles.

I'm away on business till thursday, will make a plan to get your prize to you.

Galjoen, DJP, Sailfish, SSEC WC, Sealine en ons sponsors. BAIE BAIE BAIE dankie.

Arch thanx again for your support. It was the most amazing day... Gee gou bietjie daar van Archer se wonderwurm. Monty leen daar n paar prawne, Galjoen thanx vir die rooi aas, Hie's n paar witmossels... Waaraan is daai een gevang? Jade Fish kan jy vir my n wonderwurm gee? Marthin!! De hie's n handvol.

It's definately one of the best fishing experiences i've ever had, even with a blank. The look on Strepie's face when he finally broke his Sealine Blank!!!

I nearly hit Extremist onderstebo when i saw a bite on his line, and he thought i was joking.

In closing, i think that Belman was caught on some of those freeze dried worms and a prawn combo, also sponsored by Alpha pro. So if you only have some red bait, throw a couple of packets of the stuff in your bag... they do work!

Oom Moby, daai vark vleisies was net die regte ding om die dag mee af te sluit.
hey were was i went that was give out to eat i see the voorsitter has a blue eye boy heree :fbash:fbash:fbash:fbash:fbash:fbash