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 Posted: Fri Apr 8th, 2011 12:21 pm
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About Luke Miles

Luke Jason Miles began his life on the 24th November 1976 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

As a young boy Luke and his brother Dougal were very fortunate to have grown up on a small holding just outside Port Elizabeth, where his love for Indigenous Trees and vegetation began.

Lukes father had a passion for nature and in particular Indigenous trees which is where Luke gained most of his knowledge. He was schooled at Grey High School in Port Elizabeth and later went on to study Horticulture at Natal Technikon.

After completing his degree Luke was offered a position with a top South African Landscaping Company, contracted to Hotel groups around the world. Luke strived with the company and was posted to Mauritius, where he did exceptional work and contacts were made. A few years later he was offered a post in the Seychelles where he met his Lovely Wife, Yana. Luke was hooked, but this one took some time to land... but being a Horticulturist, patience is something Luke was prepared for.

A few years later there was an elated phone call to his brother Dougal saying “BOET I THINK I HAVE MET MY WIFE”. Soon after which Luke brought Yana home to meet the Miles Family and proposed to her. Not only has Yana given the Luke the cutest little addition to the Miles family, Anastasia; but she is a pillar of strength standing beside the hospital bed throughout his illness.

Luke has given thousands of seeds life and right now he is in desperate need for someone to give him the seed “MARROW” to grow and continue giving our world the hope of life in the form of trees which we can't live without.

Thank God for LUKE, he is an inspiration, a laugh and a best friend to many. Please help us get Luke back into the garden and onto the water.


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