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 Posted: Thu Mar 29th, 2012 08:40 pm
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As a guide for anglers who catch a previously tagged fish.

What to do in terms of contributing to the research effort:

If you catch a fish that has a tag in it, leave the tag in the fish and take the following detail:

Tag Number normally preceded by an A, B or C which designates the Tag type.

Measure the fish / shark and if unsure how, measure full length and fork or pre-caudal notch

If you have a scale or are going to keep the fish weigh it for accurate records for comparison to the Weight to Length Stats.

Note date, place and time of capture.

Download and complete the attached spreadsheet and email it to Stuart Dunlop of ORI or

You and the person making the original tagging will receive a reply on how long the fish was free since previous capture, growth in time free, distance traveled ie, place of last capture vs place of re-capture

Thanks in advance for all those who contribute to the efforts of conservation

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