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General reel maintenance. Part 3.  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Fri Sep 25th, 2015 07:01 pm
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A star and flat is all that’s needed. Preferably magnetic to help with the screws etc. If not magnetic can simply pull the screwdriver along a powerful magnet a few times and it will be magnetized.


Handy when a longer screwdriver is somewhat cumbersome. This will prevent scratching the sides of reel where a longer one is more prone to, for me anyhow.


To remove sand from reel or apply grease to reel or drag material.

8 - IN - 1 WRENCH.

Fitting most size reels useful tool when not wanting to use pliers of sorts that can scratch the part.

RPM Bearing Blaster.

Useful tool to flush out bearings with nozzle fed lubricants.

NEIKO Precision Oiler.

When wanting to add a few drops to a specific spot. This a thumb plunger model.

Buffing Compound.

To be used when polishing parts of a reel. This compound is abrasive and extra care must be taken when applying amounts to be polished. Consistent use can change the dimensions of a part.

This compound to be used with a drill or dremel type tool for best results.

Came across this product at a local warehouse store and decided to buy it. Had originally planned on the Dialux Rouge bars but that takes up to 6 weeks to arrive from overseas.

GREEN.. for use on brass, aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, copper and iron.

WHITE.. for use on stainless steel, copper and iron.

BROWN.. for use on brass, aluminium and zinc.

BLACK.. for use on brass, aluminium and zinc.

PINK.. for use on brass, aluminium, zinc, copper and iron.

Rotating polishing wheels came supplied with the kit. To be used with a drill or dremel tool for best results.

When using a buffing compound its best used with a mask, goggles and ear protection.


C-Clip Ring plier to help those pesky clips don’t go flying all overt the room. If doing a full service on reels.

Drill be it electric one for domestic use or a Dremel type tool to polish parts of reel if necessary.

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 Posted: Sat Sep 26th, 2015 10:33 am
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Thanks Flippy, this is a great series which I've learnt a ton from. Mana for you, sir.

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 Posted: Mon Sep 28th, 2015 05:36 pm
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Hey flippy,

I really wish more people would pay attention to these things and not be afraid to tackle reel maintenance themselves. I cannot take seeing a poor reel being serviced proffessionally anymore. Everyone should try all this valuable information that has been posted. Well done again, this is truly what fishing is all about.:)

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