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Best rivermouth fishing spots  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Feb 10th, 2019 08:59 am
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Joined: Sun Feb 10th, 2019
Location: Sasolburg, South Africa
Posts: 1
Equipment: Not sure
Best Catch: Havent caught one yet
Favorite Fishing Spot: Sondagsrivier Mond
Boat: Wahoo
Club: No
Hi All

I am newbie and hope you can help...

Just a little background info..

We bought a Wahoo boat a few years back, it is our first boat, with the thought of one day that we can take it out to sea and fish...and for the quick getaway over a weekend if we get a chance

We started small and just fished with the little knowledge that we have about fishing. We dont get a lot of time to fish, so it has been taken us years to get to a point that we are actually catching some nice Tigers, his first Cod and a Garrick...

We have have been fishing and camping at Sundays River Mouth at Pearson Park Resort for the last 4 years. We fell in love with the area, the nature and of course the fishing!

You can camp right on the river banks, your boat is docked right in front of your site on the sand and the ocean is so close.

Those of you who have been there will know what I'm talking about.

Now, my question to you...actually 2...

1st Question:
We are looking for a place similar to Sundays River Mouth where we can camp and fish on holidays, meaning Easter weekend and December holidays. It doesn't have to have electricity, but an ablution block would be nice to at least have a warm shower or bath as we have a little girl of almost 2 years old... and a long drop is just fine

2nd Question:
In about 4 years time, we want to relocate along the coast where we can settle, be able to fish, take the boat out either on a river or the ocean and give our girl a proper education.

I would really really appreciate any suggestions and advice, because as i mentioned earlier, we don't have a lot of time on our hands to travel and find a place on our own.

Yes, I know, many would probably think... "why doesn't my husband ask himself", but he is the 'hard' working guy and I'm the 'researcher'


Thank you all in advance

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 Posted: Sun Feb 10th, 2019 09:26 pm
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2nd Post

Joined: Mon Mar 3rd, 2014
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Posts: 10
Equipment: Blue Marlin SS Grinder and convential , few Amias - ...
Best Catch: Silver Steenras 22kg/ White Steenras 19kg
Favorite Fishing Spot: Hamburg Mouth to Bhira
Boat: 5m Buccaneer , Stealth Wahoo Superlite , Tarpon 160
Hello Chantel

Seeing u have camped have in the Eastern Cape and want to launch the Wahoo...other spots to consider are as follows...
Please do a research on each for security and facilities for the kids first though...although Sundays River is certainly not famous for its security.

Gamtoos Ferry
A few km from the mouth , never stayed there but river is superb for Kob and Leerie, and u want to join the 100lbs club for Kob, this is the spot.

Fish River Caravan Park, again never sty3d there, but accessed the grounds many times to fish. Fish River is fantastic for Kob, Leerie and you'll even get Baardman closer to the mouth. Slip away is in shitty condition, but still usable. Have heard of complaints about owners not been that friendly and gate operation times , think its 6 to 6, is a restriction.

Hamburg Caravan Park.Stayed here many times. River is again fantastic for Kob, Leerie and Spotted Grunter, and closer to the mouth large white Steenras will test your tackle for sure. You're camping on the river but there is a 'marshy' area in front of u, so u will have to remove the boat each time. Slip way is crappy but still launchable. Actually u don't even have to use the slipway, just launch next to it from the sand. People are and have always been friendly here. This is the mouth that produced the 73,5kg Kob record that stood for many, many years.

All 3 have ablution and electricity,but like I said before, please do research to see what other amenities they have and check security issues, something that has sadly become a necessity for South Afican camping nowadays ( probably last 25 years would be more accurate)

All 3 spots kick Sundays Rivers as far is fishing goes, but none have as good a caravan park, imho.

I personally always choose fishabilty before anything else, when it comes to camping.
Sounds like u are new to salt water fishing, so I would seriously look at the paddle tail and bucktail type fishing for these rivers.


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