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 Posted: Sun Sep 5th, 2010 02:30 pm
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1st Post

Joined: Wed Sep 13th, 2006
Location: Pinetown, Durban, South Africa
Posts: 1478
Equipment: Bazooka Medium HMG - Daiwa Ishidai Z40
Best Catch: 5kg Cob, 7kg Yellowfin Tuna, 6kg Dorado
Favorite Fishing Spot: Winstons Wreck, Rondebosch, Mbolompo Point
Boat: Hilux SFA
My Gallery: 
At all times you need to be logged in to view or upload to the gallery.

Select "Menu"  click on My Gallery.

********Uploading Photos**********

Uploading to the gallery is simple and intuitive and is no different to the adding of an attachment to a post.

You are able to upload images of a suitable nature.  Images are held in directories and only a reference to their file name is held in the database. they must however be in the following format.
  • GIF, PNG or JPEG file type
  • A reasonable size, half a meg is adequate.
You may upload up to 3 photographs at one time, to select a photo from your computer Click the ’Browse’ button, this will open a file dialog box and allow you to select the Photo you want to upload. If you wish you may add a short comment about each Photo. Editing the comment or caption you use is available at anytime, this also brings the image to the forefront of the gallery.
When ready Click the ’Upload’ button.
You will then be redirected to the ’View Photos’ area where the last images you uploaded will be displayed.
A thumbnail image will be automatically created.

*******Viewing a members gallery******

Click on the view button displayed in a members profile

Adding images from the gallery to private messages or posts. Click on the G icon and then navigate to the image you would like to use.

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 Posted: Sun Sep 5th, 2010 04:23 pm
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2nd Post

Joined: Thu May 13th, 2010
Location: Mosselbay, South Africa
Posts: 1191
Equipment: L&F 13ft shockwave Psdn goldclass 5pc Torium 30, L&F sharkey ...
Best Catch: 13kg Kob,37kg Duckbill,22kg spotty, 13kg blou pylie
Favorite Fishing Spot: Klein brak,beneke,Boggoms,Passie
Boat: One day....
Club: Triton
Thanks emperor

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 Posted: Sun Sep 5th, 2010 05:53 pm
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3rd Post
Senior Member

Joined: Mon Aug 20th, 2007
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Posts: 777
Equipment: Never enuff tackle!
Best Catch: ....
Favorite Fishing Spot: Struisbaai, DeMond, L'Aghulhas, Arniston & Pearly Beach
Boat: ....
Club: Four Oceans Angling Club
Very  cool!, so just now I decided to got get my external drive and SNAP!!! the last time I saw it was on Thursday evening!!! on the Damn Airplane!!!! agh sigh... gone forever!!!

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 Posted: Sun Sep 5th, 2010 08:52 pm
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4th Post

Joined: Thu Jan 22nd, 2009
Location: Durban, KZN, South Africa, South Africa
Posts: 2368
Equipment: Saltist 50,Exage 1468, Blue Marlin G3 2-4oz,Grandwave 40
Best Catch: 6KG Spotted Grunter, 3.2KG Bronze Bream/Bluefish
Favorite Fishing Spot: Where the fishes are at!!!!
Boat: None
Club: No
Very cool feauter...sharkbyte that sucks man...really really sucks...

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 Posted: Sun Jan 13th, 2013 04:55 pm
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5th Post

Joined: Mon Apr 27th, 2009
Location: Eldoraigne , South Africa
Posts: 12897
Equipment: Fishing Tackle and Lot's of IT
Best Catch: Anything with fins - from a 15gr 3 spot Barb ...
Favorite Fishing Spot: RSA
Boat: Na
Club: Northern Swerwers
My Gallery: 

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